Enumerating Windows Media Player Library Contents

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Adapted from this blog entry.

This is an example of interoperating with Windows Media Player, using the IWMPPlaylist Interface.

Run tlbimp. See Interop introduction for more information:

tlbimp %SystemRoot%\system32\wmp.dll /out:Interop.WMPLib.dll

Or use ProgID "MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer.1".

The following script (when run), generates a text file containing details of your Windows Media Player library. You pass the name of the output file as the command line argument:

import sys
import clr

output_filename = sys.argv[1]
import System
clr.AddReferenceToFile( "Interop.WMPLib.dll" )
from Interop.WMPLib import WindowsMediaPlayerClass

wmp = WindowsMediaPlayerClass()
col = wmp.getAll()
total_in_collection = col.count

print "Number of items:", total_in_collection

attribs = (
    "Title", "Artist", "WM/AlbumTitle", 
    "AcquisitionTime", "Duration" , "Bitrate", 
    "SourceURL" , "Is_Protected" , "MediaType"

exclude_exts = ['.asx','.wpl']
exclude_count = 0

fp = file(output_filename,"w")

#Loop through every item in the collection
for i in xrange(total_in_collection):

    # Print a header every 10 items 
    if not ((i+1) % 10):
        print str(i+1) + "/" + str(total_in_collection)

    # Get the current item
    item = col.Item[i]

    #collect the data about the item
    data = {}
    for attr in attribs :
        attrib_value = item.getItemInfo(attr)
        data[attr] = attrib_value

    #identify if the item should be excluded
    if Path.GetExtension(data["SourceURL"]).lower() in exclude_exts:
        exclude_count += 1
        #emit the data 
        print >> fp
        for attr in attribs:
            print >> fp, attr + ": ", data[attr]

print "Done."
print "Total:", total_in_collection 
print "Handled:", total_in_collection - exclude_count
print "Skipped:", exclude_count
print "Excluded Extensions: %s " %  (', '.join(exclude_exts),)

Currently this is writing a file that contains odd characters - it would be nice to work out which attribute they are coming from (is it just non-ASCII that needs encoding?). Other than that, it does what it says on the tin...

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