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  • Resolver - an IronPython Spreadsheet
  • Resolver Hacks - How to get the best from Resolver
  • Tabbed Image Viewer - an IronPython application for viewing images, using Windows Forms and a custom executable in C#.
  • TayLayout - Layout and Controls helpers for rapid and dynamic IronPython WinForms GUIs.
  • bridge - a framework that provides a common API to handle XML documents and streams uniformly with CPython and IronPython.
  • IronPython IDE - An IDE for IronPython, written in C#.
  • FarPy GUI Editor - a simple WYSIWYG GUI editor which can generate code for IronPython.
  • Iron TextBox - an IronPython Console Embedded in a Windows Forms TextBox.
  • IronKant - a port of Bruce (a presentation tool) to run on IronPython. See here for notes on getting this to work with .NET rather than Mono.
  • Python Binding - IronPython integration for SharpDevelop, an Open Source .NET IDE
  • Instant Python - A tool that converts C# and VB.NET code to IronPython.
  • Atom Publishing Protocol - Works with CPython and IronPython.
  • InCisif - IE automation and testing tool, scriptable with IronPython
  • Esedb - dbm/gdbm/shelve compatible interface to ESENT for IronPython users. Part of the ManagedEsent project.