Web Application Compatibility

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This page is a list of web applications that have been tested with IronPython. Every entry should list the version of the application tested, the IronPython version used, any CodePlex issues that were hit (or filed), any dependencies that are required (which should be listed on the corresponding pages), and any other workarounds that had to be performed.

The page lists web applications; see also Application Compatibility, Standard Library Compatibility, and Third-Party Library Compatibility.



Version: trunk

IronPython Version: 2.0b1

Status: 1 (Doesn't work)

CodePlex issues hit: #15400

Trac uses f_locals as part of its core classes, and thus will not work until #15400 is fixed.


Version: trunk

IronPython Version: 2.0b1

Status: 1 (Doesn't work)

CodePlex issues hit: #17274

Working around #17274 is simple, but after that there is a TypeLoadException that I can't figure out.

I believe that there is a more fundamental issue with running Django (trunk) on IronPython 2. Django uses the difference between unicode strings and byte strings to tell whether it is serving text or binary data. IronPython doesn't have this distinction (they are the same type) - so it would be hard to get Django running unmodified on IronPython 2.

123 CCTV has an application able to operate as a web server, streaming live video and accessible from a Network or the internet. Applications such as their software, installed along with cameras are perfect a combination when used in conjunction with a home security system.